In-person and Online Mediation Services

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– A mediator is an impartial third party who assists the parties to a conflict to reach an agreement which addresses the issues in their dispute.  

– Mediation is a voluntary, informal, confidential and private process.

– Mediation is used to help parties resolve organizational, civil and community conflicts and disputes.  

– Mediation is a cheaper alternative to going to court.  

– The process is non-binding on the parties, except if an agreement is reached. 

– The mediator has no authority to decide the issues nor to enforce a settlement. 

– The parties retain 100% control of the outcome of a mediation.  

– The length of the mediation depends on the issues at stake and how long it takes for the parties to reach agreement.  

– Online mediation provides parties with the same benefits as in-person mediation.  Additional benefits include:

  • Lowering the costs of travel and related expenses associated with mediations.
  • Web-based technology allows parties to meet confidentially in private sessions with the mediator and also in joint sessions.  
  • Agreements are can created and signed electronically.  

To explore or schedule your in-person or online mediation session with the Tessendorf Consulting Group, please email

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