Social Enterprise as PeaceBuilding

Social Enterprise as PeaceBuilding

In addition to addressing social issues while being profitable, social enterprises are also essential tools for communities to build enduring peace. Peacebuilding is characterized by a persistent openness to to use conflict resolution mechanisms and to consider different options which address the root causes of community conflict.

Co-authors Megan-Lee Meredith and Harold Tessendorf introduce readers to the intellectual framework and practical tools that they have used to understand, co-create and manage social enterprises in South Africa, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Mozambique and the United States of America over the past three decades. Writing for aspiring and current social entrepreneurs, students, board members, executive managers, business and philanthropic leaders, this book will appeal to audiences in the United States, South Africa and beyond. @megan-lee meredith #socialenterprise #peacebuilding #sixcapitals #triplebottomline #management #governance #sustainability

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