Social Business and Enterprise

Harold Tessendorf, coaching

What does growing economic inequality, unemployment and blight that follow from decisions made by distant economic and political leaders and corporations, the interruption of business supply chains because of epidemics and pandemics and political instability across the globe, the migration of people to urban centers mean for local communities?  Are they a threat, an opportunity, or both?

You desire to marry your idealism and sense of realism together by creating a social enterprise that will addresses how one or more of these challenges uniquely impacts your community.   But you need access to the conceptual framework and skills needed to make this possible.  

Or perhaps you and your team want to convert your existing organization and business to one which is locally or employee-owned, which is locally respected and which meets local community needs.  

Consider engaging the expertise of the Tessendorf Consulting Group with its 3 decades of experience starting, growing and supporting micro-enterprises and social businesses in rural and urban communities in Sierra Leone, Mozambique and the United States of America.   

  • Executive Leadership and Team Coaching for new and existing social enterprises
  • How to Structure your social enterprise and operations
  • Financing Social Enterprise
  • Facilitating Strategic and Tactical Planning