Housing Development Services

Drawing on two decades of affordable housing experience in urban and rural communities, Tessendorf Consulting provides communities, funders, and developers with customized services in the areas of:

  • Delivering conference, workshop, and webinar housing presentations
  • Creating and implementing innovative housing products
  • Designing community-based housing development projects
  • Housing Finance Products
  • Grant writing and administration
  • Housing advocacy
  • Directing, leading, and managing housing organizations
  • Evaluating housing projects
  • Facilitating Coalitions

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Managing the Lynmore Estates Neighborhood Revitalization Project from 2005-2016 resulting in an increase in the homeownership rate from 25% to 50% and a decrease in blight from 47% to 20%
  • Securing over $8.5 million in housing development funding from government, corporate, and nonprofit funders including the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, Wells Fargo Foundation and CAHEC.
  • Creating third-party lending options to include zero-equivalent and low-interest mortgages. 
  • Receiving Habitat for Humanity International’s 2016 National Advocacy Aware for the “Blight Out of Sight” Campaign in Macon, GA which, along with other initiatives, resulted in $14 million in bond funding to address blight in Macon-Bibb County, GA. 
  • Founding member of Milledgeville Affordable Housing Task Force, Macon-Bibb Blight Task Force and Housing Chatham. 
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