Governance and Executive Coaching

As an Executive Leader or Board member, the Global Pandemic of 2020, natural disasters, growing inequality and resurgent discrimination, economic recessions and political polarization have created a challenging environment in which you are expected to effectively and efficiently operate your organization and deliver the services that your stakeholders depend on.    

If there is one thing that the events of 2020 and earlier years have taught you, whether they were global events or more mundane matters such as a scandal or loss of a key supporter, it is that your leadership begins with how you choose to respond to each crisis.  You know that your response is more effective when it emerges from being the executive team and board are forward looking, have clearly defined roles and when you have practiced for, and institutionalized the operating policies that make your response both effortless and authentic.  

Working in close association with Aligned Influence ®, with its revolutionary intellectual and service framework, the Tessendorf Consulting Group works with Boards of Directors and Executive Leaders to reach their full potential by offering a series of customized and specific services.  These include, but are not limited to,

  • Facilitating alignment between Board of Directors and Executive Leaders
  • Succession Planning/Transition
  • Coaching Executive Leaders and Board Presidents